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KV17 Serisi / 80lpm

 Maximum Pressure Settings 

Max. working pressure                   : 350 Bar

Tank line pressure                           :  max 25 Bar

Main relief valve pressure settings :  up to 350 Bar

Standart Pressure setting               : 190 bar@15 l/min

Port relief valve pressure settings  :  up to 300 Bar

Flow rates

Max. flow rates: 90 lt/min

 Spool Leakage

 Max. 10 cm3/min@100 bar with 32cSt oil


18/14 according to ISO 4406


Hydraulic fluid viscotiy range at continuous operation: 10-400 mm^2/s(cSt)

Temprature Range

Hydraulic temperature range for continuous operation -15°C-+80°C

Spool stroke

-7,5/+7,5 mm

Ambient temperature

with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic devices from -40° to 60°C

with electric devices from -20° to 60°C



  • KV17 is a sectional valve designed for system pressures up to 350 bar and pump flows up to 90 l/min,
  • KV17 is a sectional build valve in size 3/4” of modular design for maximal flexibility that is especially in combination with the wide range of available standard parts.
  • The valve is designed for high performance applications in mainly open centre systems but also in Load-Sensing systems.
  • Two or several valves can be connected to each other in a range of different circuits.
  • The valve is very robust and well suitable for demanding mobile applications. The sections are designed in able to meet the most extended demands on controllability.
  • Each section can be provided with a pressure relief valve, an anti-cavitation valve or a combination of items.
  • The valve can be operated manual, pneumatic, electro--pneumatic, hydraulic, electro--hydraulic, with solenoid and remote with flexible cables
  • The sections are symmetric which makes it possible to use the valve both as “Left Hand Inlet” and “Right Hand Inlet”.
  • Load hold check valves in each working section.
  • Available with parallel, series or tandem circuit.
  • Optional carryover port (only for parallel or tandem circuit).
  • The modular system includes different types of inlet, section and outlet. The valve is available with 1 – 12 working sections per valve assembly.
  • Service Valves
  • Interchangeable Ø16 spools.


KV17 is designed as a flexible valve for a wide range of applications, But typical applications are cranes, wheel loaders and agriculture applications within the flow range for the valve. The valve is perfect main control device for cranes and offers excellent operating characteristics,because of the special designed spools for various applications.