Product Features & Benefits

SPV120 is a stackable, load sensing, pre-compensated proportional valve provides flow control independent of load pressure from 5 to 130lpm.

Precise Control & Efficiency

SPV120 offers precise control and efficiency for a wide range of applications from mobile cranes, fire engines, agricultural machineries, aerial platforms & lifts, concrete pumps to mining and drilling machines. Energy saving load sensing technology increase efficiency.

Time Saving Modular Structure

Modular structure enables unlimited configurations to the user with less effort.

Advanced Customized Control

Thanks to the careful design engineering, SPV120 offers advanced customized control with shock valves, LSA/LSB pressure relief valves, spool stoke limiters, precise spool adjustents specific for the application requirements. The valve combines advanced abilities through various actutator options: manual, hydraulic, proportional, PWM, Voltage and CANBus proportional control for open and closed loop systems.

Pressure Compensator

With pressure compensators in each section, actuators are compensated and maintained a constant pressure drop against changes in load.

Technical Specifications


Number of Spools

1 - 12 SPV120

Nominal Flow on Inlet

150 lt/dk 40 US gpm

Nominal Flows on Port

Compensated 125 lt/dk 33 US gpm
Not Compensated 140 lt/dk 37 US gpm

Maximum Working Pressure

Port P, A/B Continous 350 bar 2575 psi
Port A/B 420 bar 6090 psi
Port LS 350 bar 5075 psi

Maximum Back Pressure

30 bar 430 psi


Without Shock Valves 12cc 0,73 in3/m
With Shock Valves 15cc 0,92 in3/m

Spool Travel

Spool Travel ±7,0 mm
Dead Band ±1,5 mm
Proportional Range ±5,5 mm

Standard & Optional Threads







BSP G ¾" G ½" G ¾" G ¼" G ¼"
UN - UNF 1 1/16-12 UNF (SAE 12 7/8 – 14 UNF (SAE 10) 1 1/16-12 UNF (SAE 12) 9/16-18 UNF (SAE 6) 9/16-18 UNF (SAE 6)