As AKON, our main goal is to be the first preffered global OEM supplier for directional control valves. To achieve this goal, we work with team spirit sharing common objectives. We believe in customer focus to increase customer satisfaction. We provide innovative valve solutions and we add value for all interactants with AKON.


  • We recognise «Human» as our most valuable resource. The relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees are based on respect, loyalty and correctness.
  • We guarantee effective and qualified response to the requirements of our customers.
  • We believe in lifelong training; provide training and self-improvement opportunuties for our employees.
  • We believe in continous improvement.
  • We act with the aim of reaching lean & accurate production at the first time.
  • We work with quality consciousness.

Our commitment is to analyze customer expectations regularly, improve Quality Management System and to work in compliance with regulations.